Source: Ali`i Nui Mō`ī Edmund K. Silva, Jr., 11-19-15… “King’s Letter of Gratitude to Lāhui”


Source: Bases 53: CERN Taken Out?

“Chemtrails” Sited as Culprit in Fresh Water Aluminum Oxide Nanoparticle Toxicity.


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U.S. Dollar’s Unsustainable Fraud: Fed’s Desperation Increasing As The World Dumps The Dollar For Gold & Silver!.

72 hour cese fire

Gaza City (CNN) — Israel and Hamas have accepted a 72-hour cease-fire proposed by Egypt, Israeli government officials and a Hamas official told CNN on Sunday.

The temporary cease-fire would allow for negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians, Egypt’s Foreign Ministry and senior Hamas official Izzat Risheq said.

Egypt is “inviting” both sides to resume a cease-fire at midnight local time tonight (5 p.m. ET Sunday) so that both sides can “use the opportunity” to resume indirect talks in Cairo, as well as to allow for humanitarian help to get to the victims of the fighting, Egyptian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bader Abdelatty said.

Israel has resisted in-depth talks as long as Gaza rockets continue to head toward its territory.

The rockets have been met with Israeli airstrikes in recent days, dimming hopes of a cease-fire in the Israeli-Gaza conflict that has raged for more than a month.

Israeli negotiators left talks…

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White Hats Auxiliary 03/20/2014

Russian Troops Blame US for HAARP-Generated Earthquake in Crimea .

HAARP weaponized against Ukraine-Russian military forces.